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Wise Tax Solutions Inc. is a boutique U.S. tax consulting firm specializing in Israeli tax law, based on the extensive experience of the Israeli Law firm Joulus Gazit & Co.

Ram Joulus and Rachel Gazit, top-tier experts in their field, lead a highly respected law firm in Israel. They are actively contributing to the advancement of Israeli tax laws through innovative practices, groundbreaking legal precedents, lectures, seminars, professional panels, legislative initiatives, publications, & legislative contributions.

Simplifying Taxes, Maximizing Returns

Customized Tax Solutions for Your Financial Growth

WT SOLUTIONS International tax practice

Tax Optimization

Reduced tax burdens and maximize financial benefits with our proactive approach and in-depth analysis

Strategic Tax Planning

Tailored strategic plans to
optimize tax efficiency, minimize tax liabilities, and help you make informed financial decisions

Advisory & Consulting

Expert guidance & comprehensive consulting services to navigate various tax issues and address your specific requirements effectively

& Support

Our dedicated team provides ongoing support, ensuring ease & efficiency, as we guide you toward achieving your tax goals.

WT SOLUTIONS International tax practice

Customized Tax Solutions

Tailor-made tax solutions designed to fit your unique circumstances, ensuring compliance and maximizing your benefits.

Trust WT-Solutions for professional expertise & personalized tax solutions that strategically help you achieve your goals.

Offered Services​

Embrace Change. Unleash Creativity. Innovate Together.​

Corporate Tax

Tailored solutions for multi-national transactions, mergers, acquisitions, & corporate reorganizations.

Voluntary Disclosure Programs

Assistance with navigating voluntary disclosure proceedings.

Real Estate Tax​

Expert guidance on tax aspects of property and commercial transactions.

Tax Litigation and Appeals

Strong representation in civil and criminal tax matters.

Value Added Tax (VAT)​

Comprehensive support for VAT planning and compliance.

Pre-Ruling Requests & Negotiations

Effective communication with tax authorities for favorable rulings.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge in tax matters and the practical experience accumulated by our partners & associates.

Why WT-Solutions?

Unmatched Expertise, Unwavering Commitment & In-Depth Tax Solutions to Drive Your Success

Tax Advisory for Insolvency Procedures

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tax landscape, our team of experienced professionals provides expert guidance and strategic advice. We conduct thorough analyses, offer detailed insights, and navigate complex procedures with the utmost precision and care.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Planning Specialists

Our holistic approach focuses on your specific circumstances, allowing us to create the most accurate and effective solutions tailored to your needs. We specialize in intergenerational wealth transfer planning, optimizing tax liabilities while safeguarding your wealth for future generations.

Tax-Efficient Transactional Structuring

Our team will conduct preliminary examinations of tax liabilities to provide detailed professional opinions, we ensure that you have a clear understanding of your tax position. Our consulting services cover a broad spectrum, including pre-ruling requests, civil voluntary disclosure proceedings, and tax-efficient transactional structuring.

Comprehensive Approach

We deliver comprehensive tax solutions that go beyond expectations. Backed by our unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to client success, we offer a wide range of specialized services designed to meet your unique tax needs.

What sets us apart

Is our deep-rooted industry knowledge and practical experience. Our senior management executives bring a wealth of expertise, allowing us to navigate the inner workings of the various tax authorities with ease.

Meet Our Experts

Highly experienced professionals with deep expertise in global taxation. They collaborate closely with clients to provide tailored solutions & leverage their extensive networks to maximize tax opportunities worldwide.

Adv. Racheli Gazit

A leading expert, specializes in taxassessment proceedings andcourt discussions, taxplanning, insolvency and tax matters. Adv. Gazit holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (cum laude) and a Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.) from Bar Ilan University.


Adv. Ram Joulus

Trusted advisor to leading Israeli companies with respect to tax matters and complex transactions. Established and managed the Liquidation, Receivership, and Bankruptcies Unit in the Israeli Income Tax Authority. 
Adv. Ram Joulus holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B.) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Tel Aviv University.


Clients & Industries​

Our clients stretch through a broad diverse base, from major economic entities to high-net-worth individuals, public companies, and more.

Israel's largest banks, public/governmental bodies, NPOs, local authorities, real estate, and commercial corporations, high-tech industry leaders (gaming, crypto, fintech), hospitality/entertainment companies and more. Additionally, renowned accounting and law firms seek our consulting services for tax litigation and comprehensive tax support.

Building Trust.

Forging Relationships.

Achieving Success.

By strong relationships, fairness, and unwavering commitment to clients we developed high level trust and strong relationships with senior professionals in authorities and institutions.

This trust has been further strengthened by the remarkable background of Adv. Ram Joulus. "Born" into the tax world, Ram inherited his passion for taxation from his father, Adv. Yacov Joulus. Yacov, a former Deputy Commissioner of the Income Tax authority and one of Israel's top experts on tax law, passed down the tradition to his son. Ram initially held senior positions in the tax authorities before eventually establishing his own practice. In 2005, his father joined him, becoming a consulting partner in the firm.

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